Children's Museum in Ventura County

Special thanks to kidSTREAM's Founding Friends

kidSTREAM is a 501(c)3 Organization, EIN: 81-3055601. All donations are tax deductible. 

STellar Friends ($10,000 and up)


Jim and JoAnne Cole - Dedicated to their Grandchildren

The Chase Family

In Honor of Glywn Chase, Jr

Anonymous - Dedicated to the Families of Ventura County


The Scott Family Trust

REmarkable Friends ($5,000 - $9,999)


Anonymous - Dedicated to Uncle Syd

Jim & Daryl Rice for Forest Construction and Showcase Kitchens & Baths

AMazing Friends ($1,000 - $4,999)


Caelen and Jessa Anderson

Cesar and Karla Villasenor

AirWorks Solutions, Inc.

Suzanne Elliott

Gracyn, Parker, and Turner Hermann

Larry and Pam Davis

Keith Barton

Mallory and Marina Hanson

Bill and Mary Little

Jeff and Gwen Speakes

Kyler Chase

Carly Fulgham

Shawn Steen

Carlos and Maria Perez-Rulfo

Gavin & Audrey Jones and Jacob & Clara Thomas

The Bolish Family

Michael and Susan Wilson: In Honor of Carlin Jane Saiki

The Hildebrand Family: Rob, Dar, Ryan & Noah

The Pleasant Valley Cooperative Preschool

Momtourage 9301x

Friends (Up to $999)


Marie and Nicole Akl

Ebrahim, Carole and Taara Akl

Jennifer Martin

Thomas Steen

Meghan Claussen

Moms of Camarillo

Stephanie Villa

Lori Parker

Raye Ann Clayton

Yvette Bocz

Christina Galliano

Raye Ann Clayton

Nicole Coleman

Amy Scott

John Koehler

Meghan Woodbury

Lauren Amaro

Stephanie Givens

Emily Lashkari

Julienne Martin-Vegue

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Your donations will fund kidSTREAM next big steps:

  • Charitable Interest Assessment  
  • Detailed Design Plan                 
  • Operations Plan/Feasibility Study


Contributions from Board members and Angel donors have funded expenses to date. 

Now supporters of kidSTREAM have the opportunity to become a permanent part of this exciting project as Founding Friends!

In addition to making kidSTREAM a reality,

Founding Friends are honored with...

An Exhibit

Gears of Gratitude Exhibit

A dedicated exhibit will be devoted to the Founding Friends

A Special Event

A special event just for Founding Friends

Celebration Event before Museum's opening to honor the Children's Museum Founding Friends


Permanent Recognition as a Founding Friend

Founding Friend Status for Life

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STellar ($10,000+)

  • All the benefits of Remarkable level plus ...
  • Recognition at a highest level on dedicated exhibit
  • Customized VIP experience tailored to your interest
  • Invitation limited to 6 adults and related children under age 18

REmarkable ($5,000 - $9,999)

  • All the benefits of Amazing level plus ...
  • Recognition at a higher level on dedicated exhibit
  • Invitation to VIP experience
  • Invitation limited to 4 adults and related children under age 18

AMazing ($1,000 - $4,999)

  • Name on dedicated exhibit
  • Founding Friend status for life
  • Invitation to Founding Friend exclusive event
  • Invitation limited to 2 adults and related children under age 18