Children's Museum in Ventura County

What Have We Done So Far?

And What's Coming Soon?

An Idea is Born

Ventura County needs a children's museum. 

Five years ago, this project was born during a combination of nap time and bad traffic. A mom driving home from a children's museum in Los Angeles thought, "In a place the size of Ventura County, we need to have a destination-worthy children's museum. Ventura County needs a children's museum"

The thought led to a few phone calls. The phone calls led to others who were excited to improve the lives of our region's children and families. These people became our founding board, who are now laying the foundation for what has become kidSTREAM.

We've Done a lot of Hard Work

Would you like to see it? We'd love to share. In order to make sure that Ventura County was the perfect spot, and that the building we wanted was, too, we've done a lot of research in the past year to be certain. Guess what? Ventura County is not only a perfect spot for an exciting new children's museum, but we couldn't have picked a better location!

Check out our findings:

Hint: Both of these questions can be answered with YES!

Also check out our most amazing Concept Design!

We've reached over 10,000!

In the past year, through tireless efforts from our founding board and outstanding volunteers, we have reached over 10,000 kids and families throughout Ventura County. We've even created our first group of key donors, we like to call "Founding Friends," who helped us do all of that hard work.

We plan on reaching even more kids and families this year, as we are very near to securing our site, which means we have entered into a whole new level of sponsorship opportunities for our donor friends.

We need your help!

As we round the corner to make kidSTREAM a reality, we want to get input from you! This Summer we will be opening our doors to a creative space. You are invited to help plan your children's museum. Days and times will be announced, but we want to let you know that your work has just begun! We want input from all of our community, especially the kids!

Stay tuned for more news about "Kids Dream of kidSTREAM!"