FIRST LEGO League 2021-2022

Coach Expectations

  • Pass a background check after registering as a coach (kidSTREAM will send the link for background process)

  • Attend the coach's training session in February (highly recommended if you have not been a FLL coach before).

  • Coordinate team meeting times, dates, and location. The curriculum is divided into 12 sessions, which are generally done in 8 - 12 weeks. Most sessions can be completed in 1 - 1.5 hours.

  • Guide team with team name, t-shirt design, poster, and practice for presentation at the Expo.

  • Facilitate the FLL season curriculum with easy to follow and fun lessons, including the FIRST Core Values interwoven into the sessions (each session is comprised of 2 pages in the Engineering notebooks provided and there are additional resources available to take lessons into a deeper learning experience).

FLL JR 2020 (292).jpg
  • Act as the primary point of contact between the team and kidSTREAM FLL representative, ensuring that information is disseminated, forms are filled out and returned (such as mini-fig form, Covid waiver form, etc).

  • Note, each team is awarded 1 trophy - however the coach may coordinate with parents of team members to purchase additional trophies if desired.

  • Optional: Join the Facebook group for the kidSTREAM FLL season; take photos throughout sessions to include on the team poster and share with kidSTREAM; explore other online resources to take each session deeper; plan a field trip (if possible) to learn first-hand about cargo! 

FLL Coach Expectations  2021-2022.png