Children's Museum in Ventura County

Special thanks to kidSTREAM's Founding Friends

The Founding Friends Campaign was a grassroots fundraising campaign, aimed to raise enough money for kidSTREAM to do the due diligence in moving forward. These early adopters helped kidSTREAM create a Concept Design, perform a comprehensive Feasibility Study, an Impact Study, as well as analyze Fundraising Feasibility.

 While the campaign is closed, we wish to extend a whole-hearted thank you to the following individuals and businesses for helping move this project "Full STREAM Ahead." If you would like to give to kidSTREAM, it's not too late. Our current campaign can be linked here.

STellar Friends ($10,000 and up)


Jim and JoAnne Cole - Dedicated to their Grandchildren

The Chase Family

In Honor of Glywn Chase, Jr

Anonymous - Dedicated to the Families of Ventura County


The Scott Family Trust

The Akl Girls: Nola, Payton & Charley

Ventura County Community Foundation

Jena Mehrotra/ It's Behavioral

Joe and Erin Borchard

The Allen Family/ AirWorks Solutions, Inc.

REmarkable Friends ($5,000 - $9,999)


Anonymous - Dedicated to Uncle Syd

Jim & Daryl Rice for Forest Construction and Showcase Kitchens & Baths

William A. and Cynthia D. Fairburn, Jr. Memorial Fund

Al & Carole Gottleib

Michael and Susan Wilson: In Honor of Carlin Jane Saiki

Kodiak Construction

Karen and Kent Allen

The Hampton Family

The Bocz Family

AMazing Friends ($1,000 - $4,999)


Caelen and Jessa Anderson

Cesar and Karla Villasenor

Suzanne Elliott

Gracyn, Parker, and Turner Hermann

Larry and Pam Davis

Keith Barton

Mallory and Marina Hanson

Bill and Mary Little

Jeff and Gwen Speakes

The Otto Family Trust

The Carranza Family/ PacShore

The Van Winkles

The Long Family

In Memory of Carolyn Hampton

Sean Leonard

Fred Phipps & Cathy Trainer

Rodger & Lori Parker Honoring DJ & Olivia Parker

Woo & Sharon Ferrell

Meadowlark Service League

Kyler Chase

Carly Fulgham

Shawn Steen

Carlos and Maria Perez-Rulfo

Gavin & Audrey Jones and Jacob & Clara Thomas

The Bolish Family

The Hildebrand Family: Rob, Dar, Ryan & Noah

The Pleasant Valley Cooperative Preschool

Momtourage 9301x

The Dalsanias

Karen and Jim Borchard

Madeline, Mia, and Millie Wells

Fred Phipps and Cathy Trainer

Craig Blois

Bill Davis Drywall, Inc.

The Ramirez Family

The Stephen Maulhardt Family

Aidán, Alexia, Sofia Bravo

Friends (Up to $999)


Marie and Nicole Akl

Ebrahim, Carole and Taara Akl

Jennifer Martin

Thomas Steen

Meghan Claussen

Moms of Camarillo

Stephanie Villa

Lori Parker

Raye Ann Clayton

Yvette Bocz

The Cramer Family

The Ransom Family

Wendy Levine

Annie Barker

Deya Jacob

Nancy Mayerson

Janis Allen

Melissa Inglis

Lori Parker

Bill Sweeney

Bookey Perry

Murli Nakappan

Janet Kinch

Kay Wolverton Ito

Gladys Ochangco-Zulueta

Carolyn Kaneko

Karen Farrington

Deborah Kolb

Susan Atkinson

Rody Rodriguez

Julie Zingerman

Christina Galliano

Raye Ann Clayton

Nicole Coleman

Amy Scott

John Koehler

Meghan Woodbury

Lauren Amaro

Stephanie Givens

Emily Lashkari

Julienne Martin-Vegue

The Coleman Family

Maureen Tepedino

Jennifer Parker

Bill Yount

Alice Braitman

John & Julie Laubacher

Jenny Ciriza

Mike Powers

Gloria Miele

Jasmine Bocz-Samuel

April Guerrero

Kimberlyn Crowell

Annie Ransom

Melissa Wu

Mary Goldberg

Kate Merritt

Beckie Cramer

Mike Marostica, Sr.

Jeanne Licea

Jaimee Cole Roberts