Children's Museum in Ventura County

You may know her as Karen Allen, or Mrs. Allen, if she was your teacher, and she has taught many  students over the past 41 years! Karen is now also known as a Camarillo Doña, which is one of the highest honors bestowed on a Camarillo resident. 

For 53 years, Don and Doña honors have been awarded to long-time local residents who are nominated by the community for their professional and volunteer efforts for at least twenty years.  The designation harkens back to Early California days as the title given to community leaders.  Adolfo Camarillo (1864 - 1958) was considered the “last of the Spanish Dons”.  It is a proud accomplishment to be named a Camarillo Don or Doña. 

Karen Allen, who is a Founding Director of kidSTREAM's board and Director of the Creative Arts Workshop, which is organized by the American Association of University Women. Karen continues to serve as a committed volunteer for the Boy Scouts, specifically on badge work for Eagle Scout Projects. She has helped many young thespians find a place and audience through Pleasant Valley Education Foundation's Cinemagic. 

Karen Allen may be retired, but the mission of kidSTREAM was a vision that she had years ago, and is driven to create a space like the Exploratorium in Ventura County. Lucky for her grandchildren, that vision will become a reality because of their grandmother's dedication to creating a place for children and their families to explore, play and discover.

Newly named Camarillo Doña and Founding kidSTREAM Board Member, Karen Allen, blurred in the background, is helping to create an engaging learning environment for the children of Ventura County even after retirement.

The Don and Doña Barbecue is scheduled for Saturday, September 2, at 1pm at the Camarillo Community Center at 1605 Burnley Avenue. The public is invited to attend the activities, which will include a Santa Maria-style barbecue and a silent auction. Seating is limited, so early reservations are recommended. Tickets are $75 for adults and $15 for children under age 13. Mail paid reservations to: PVHS, P.O. Box 570, Camarillo, CA 93011- 0570. Tickets will be held at the door. Doors will open at 1 p.m. The introduction of the honorees will be at 2pm, followed by the barbecue.