On this page, you can find the materials & instructions for each of the 14 day challenges!

In honor of kidSTREAM’s fourth birthday, we hosted a 14-day challenge! There's still time to choose a challenge (or 14!) and post pictures of your creations to either Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #kidSTREAMchallenge to get your name in the drawing for a private party at kidSTREAM!

Drawing takes place in a Facebook Live Event at noon (Pacific Time) on July 15!

Day 1: Mr. / Mrs. Potato Head
"Eat Your Vegetables Day"
Day 3: Flip Flops
"National Flip Flop Day"
Day 5: Share your card to Dad
"Father's Day"
Day 7: Water Bottle Fish
"Hydration Day"
Day 9: Share your Handshake
"National Handshake Day"
Day 11: Share your Sunglasses
"National Sunglass Day"
Day 13: Share a Photo
"National Camera Day"
Day 2: Fishing Pond
"National Fishing Day"
Day 4: Share a Summer Picture!
"First Day of Summer"
Day 6: Rain Maker
"Rainforest Day"
Day 8: Moon Sand
"Bring Museum to Life Day"