kidSTREAM and the
Week of the Young Child

As part of NAEYC’s annual Week of the Young Child event running from April 2nd - 8th, kidSTREAM invites your family to join the fun by celebrating early childhood learning in a very special way.  


STEP 1:  Choose Your Daily WOYC ThemeWhat type of skill will your child choose to teach?  Select one of NAEYC’s Daily WOYC Themes as your starting point, then get creative!

Week of Young Child 2022 Graphic for Social Share.png
  • Music Monday: Does your child know how to play an instrument, or build one from items around the house?  Can they teach someone how to sing a song or do a special dance?

  • Tasty Tuesday: Let your little cooks show someone how to make their favorite healthy snack or meal, use a fun kitchen tool or utensil, cut food into silly shapes, and more!

  • Work Together Wednesday: Is your child a budding architect?  Let them take the lead and show someone how to build a bridge, tower, or entire city using blocks, household items, or other materials.  Little engineers can also teach others how to create catapults, pulleys, or other simple machines.

  • Artsy Thursday: Does your child know how to upcycle everyday items into fun art projects?  Have they learned a special art technique, like stamp art, paper weaving, or mosaics?  Can they teach someone how to draw an animal or paint a flower?

  • Family Friday:  Let your child teach someone how to create special moments with family!  Do they know how to help adults with household chores?  Can they read books to siblings or teach them new games?  How do they show kindness or appreciation to their family?


STEP 2:  Make Your Video

  1. Please hold your phone horizontally (lengthwise) when recording videos.

  2. Videos can be up to 3 minutes in length.

  3. Have your child start the video with a simple introduction.  For example, “Hi, my name is (First Name only, please!)… and today I’m going to teach [my brother/sister/mom/grandparent] how to …”

  4. Do not edit your footage - kidSTREAM will take care of it!

STEP 3: Submit Your Video to kidSTREAM (Starting on March 1)

  1. Fill out the 2022 WOYC Video Submission & Release Form NO VIDEOS WILL BE SHARED UNLESS ACCOMPANIED BY A SIGNED FORM.

  2. Use the link at the bottom of the form to upload your video to kidSTREAM’s DropBox