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Our Mission

to provide an engaging environment where kids explore, play, and discover.

Our Vision

to inspire and empower kids to become critical thinkers, innovators, and life-long learners.

Our Story

Since starting as an idea shared with a few close friends around a kitchen table, kidSTREAM has grown from a vision, to an emerging children's museum, which will be located on the site of the former Camarillo Public Library, at 3100 E. Ponderosa Drive.  

kidSTREAM has already reached over 55,000 children and families around Ventura County since becoming a nonprofit organization.

As we raise the funds to complete the renovation and prepare to open our doors, we invite you to learn more about our story, shared by many of the people featured in this short video who have been a part of our journey:

Our Values

Underlined by the six pillars of "STREAM", which stand for Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Math, kidSTREAM holds fast to the following values:


kidSTREAM is a child-led environment; their sense of wonder of the world around them is the underlying inspiration for kidSTREAM.


While the environment of kidSTREAM is child-led, we believe that caregiver education is equally important for the child’s development. As we develop our space and programming, we will strive to create an environment that is appealing and respectful to both the child and the adults who support the child.


kidSTREAM believes that play is the highest form of research and an essential component for healthy childhood development.


kidSTREAM’s learning philosophies are underlined by loose parts and active imaginations. We encourage wonder, questions, exploration, and invention. kidSTREAM strives to provide opportunities for this open-ended learning experience.


Parents, teachers, and caregivers find support for their vital roles within kidSTREAM, and the whole community finds meaningful reflections of itself. Social and collaborative play are immediate opportunities to strengthen the local community.

Diversity, Equity, Access, Inclusion

kidSTREAM is committed to building a foundation of access, opportunity and success for children. To make this vision a reality, we seek to identify and remove systemic barriers and replace them with pathways to opportunity.


Embedded within the logo of kidSTREAM is the triple bottom line of community, ecological, and economic sustainability. Our goal is to create a sustainable environment as we inspire the 21st century’s workforce of scientists, technicians, writers, engineers, artists and mathematicians.

We are building a 30,000 sq. ft. children's museum in Camarillo

Located at the site of the former Camarillo Public Library, we are working with local design teams and contractors to convert our 2,500 sq. ft. footprint into over 30,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor exhibit space, focused on hands-on STREAM learning. 

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