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Bryan Yee


Bryan Yee is kidSTREAM's board president. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Information Technology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Outside of kidSTREAM, he is the director of knowledge and learning in research & development at Amgen, one of the world's leading independent biotechnology companies.

Bryan and his family were introduced to kidSTREAM early on in the pandemic when one of their daughters participated in The Week of the Young Child video series. That led their family to explore more about what kidSTREAM was, learn about their vision and mission, and ask themselves what their role was in helping to bring it to life. Ultimately what inspired him to join kidSTREAM's board was the museum’s focus on access and equity to early educational experiences for children, regardless of socioeconomic, physical, developmental, or emotional ability.

Bryan Yee
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