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A Sneak Peak At One of Our Future Indoor Exhibits!

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Whenever our family gets the chance to visit another children's museum, it's exciting to see what types of exhibits capture the attention of our 3 and 5 year old daughters. Recently, it was an augmented reality (AR) interactive topographic map. As they moved cork granules around in a container, creating mountains and valleys, a 3D camera and digital projector mounted above worked together to adjust colors and contour lines in realtime!

Seeing them spend so much time exploring, experimenting, and figuring out the patterns they were observing whenever the map changed colors reminded me of how these sorts of early childhood learning experiences play a role in shaping their impressions of what they might be good at in the future. As the father of young girls, I am grateful that we have the means to provide experiences for our children that spark their curiosity and grow their confidence in STEM related topics. However, I also appreciate that that is not the case for all families, and that is one of the main reasons Emily and I are committed to giving our time, money, and resources so that we can help bring the full vision of kidSTREAM Children's Museum to life.

Our family is joined by other amazing and generous individuals in our community, and I'm excited to share pictures of Peter, who is growing up in Ventura County and recently partnered with kidSTREAM for his Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout Project. He prototyped, designed, and built the frame for our very own interactive topographic map, which will be a part of kidSTREAM's indoor exhibit space when we open!

Join us in bringing the full vision of kidSTREAM to life. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of generations of children growing up in Ventura County.

As always, Full STREAM Ahead!

Bryan Yee

Board President, kidSTREAM Children's Museum


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