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Introducing Dr. Tim Osslund, kidSTREAM's Inaugural Scientific Advisory Board Chair

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Dr. Tim Osslund as the inaugural chair of kidSTREAM Children's Museum Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Osslund is an accomplished scientist with extensive experience and contributions in the field of biology and science education.

As chair of the Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Osslund will work closely with kidSTREAM's growing team of staff to ensure that the museum's exhibits and programs are scientifically accurate, engaging, and accessible to children of all ages and backgrounds. "In my years of working in the children's museum world, I have never worked with someone like Dr. Osslund," said Michael Shanklin, kidSTREAM's Executive Director. "He is providing the children and families of our community with an amazing gift of his deep scientific understanding and how that knowledge and experience translates into real world benefits for our world."

"kidSTREAM endeavors to demonstrate scientific and engineering concepts through hands-on experiences, sparking curiosity and launching journeys of discovery with the fundamental question of 'why?'" said Dr. Osslund. "Witnessing a child's 'aha' moments and the birth of new ideas, the museum fosters a love for learning by nurturing curiosity and inquiry. The Scientific Advisory Board supports this mission by providing the basis for observations, empowering students to make future discoveries and grasp the inner workings of the world."


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