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We're Hiring!

Updated: Jul 9

Update: we are no longer accepting applications for this role. Please subscribe to be notified of updates about the museum and future roles when available!

kidSTREAM Children’s Museum is seeking our first Director of Operations to help the museum open our doors to the children of our community. This full-time salaried position will work directly with the Executive Director and the Senior Staff to create a dynamic operations plan that will provide an outstanding business foundation. With an estimated attendance of 150,000 per year, this is a legacy project and the successful candidate will lead efforts to create the museum’s financial policies and procedures, talent resource, strategic marketing, museum membership, museum store, and IT plans. With our hands-on focus on Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, the Arts, and Math, the position is perfect for someone who is a business minded thinker who has excellent follow through skills.


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