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2022: A Year in Review

2022 was a year full of exciting progress for kidSTREAM. The project is composed of several major components including programs, exhibits, the team, and a building. This year we made major developments in each.

  • Our programming included providing STREAM-based kits to families in need, giving them ways to play and discover together. Funds for the access kits were generously donated by amazing supporters who believe in the power of play.

  • The kidSTREAM exhibit master plan was adjusted to provide future attendees with opportunities for social-emotional learning in a wide range of content and 21st century learning skills.

  • The kidSTREAM team grew to meet the challenges of opening up a world class children’s museum. In addition to new board members, we added wonderful volunteers, advisors, and staff to make our dream a reality.

  • Finally, our critical partnership with the City of Camarillo culminated in the official transfer of the title of the building, and we will close escrow by the end of the year, allowing for our next phase of growth.

This is where we need your help. When we complete escrow, we will begin looking at groundbreaking and construction in the first half of 2023. A kidSTREAM angel has offered a challenge grant dollar for dollar up to

$250,000! Please consider making a gift to the museum so that we can open, educate, and inspire children. Every dollar counts because every child matters.


Michael Shanklin

kidSTREAM Executive Director

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