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An Update from kidSTREAM's Founder, Kristie Akl

As we begin 2023, it is with pleasure to share exciting updates about the team being built at kidSTREAM's Children’s Museum, as we continue to go forward and take big steps to expand and open our doors later this year!

The years have passed too quickly, and so many outstanding team members have served with our hearts and our hands, from its inception in 2016 around a kitchen table where young parents and community leaders saw the great need for a high-quality Children's Museum in Ventura County. Now it is time to pass the torch into the very capable hands of those who will light the way for an expansion to the next level. With that foundation provided from which our future will now be built, I am so very pleased to pass my torch as President to Bryan Yee, as he succeeds me as the President of kidSTREAM. Bryan brings over 15 years of experience in strategic planning, program management, and corporate transformation. Since joining kidSTREAM’s Board of Directors, he has played a key role in strengthening our internal and external communications, and he will continue to play a pivotal role in our expansion. I am pleased to continue to serve on the Board alongside Bryan and our outstanding team. Bryan and his family were introduced to kidSTREAM early on in the pandemic when one of their daughters participated in The Week of the Young Child video series. That led their family to explore more about what kidSTREAM was, learn about our vision and mission, and then to ask themselves what their role was in helping to bring it to life. When asked what drove him to serve on our board, his response was, “what really resonates with me is kidSTREAM's commitment to building a foundation of access, opportunity, and success for children, and to identify and remove systemic barriers and replace them with pathways to opportunity." As we prepare for our biggest year yet, I also want to say thank you to our dedicated board members (both past and present), our staff, our amazing volunteers, and our generous supporters for their commitment to kidSTREAM. We ask for your continued support as a positive impact will continue to be made on the lives of children for generations to come. There is no greater legacy than ensuring that the next generation is better off because of something we’ve done along the way. Thank you to everyone who has made an impact - and whose legacy will forever be part of kidSTREAM. As always, Full STREAM Ahead!

Kristie Akl kidSTREAM Founder

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